Visual Studio 2017 Community Launch

What is ALMUC ?
ALMUC is also known as Application Lifecycle Management User Community is a charter established in TechNation. ALMUC is a community group of Visual Studio users focused on Application Lifecycle Management. We meet regularly in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. ALMUC is one of the most Application Lifecycle Management user groups that bring together organizations from various sectors including governmental, non-governmental, private, international and bilateral organizations under one roof, thereby serving as the platform to share knowledge and experience of Visual Studio from the industry experts such as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional awardees. ALMUC regularly organizes seminars, workshops, and conferences that provide the most comprehensive technical education across Microsoft's current and soon-to-release suite of Visual Studio.
Why attend Visual Studio Community Launch 2017 ?
ALMUC has the privilege of organizing a Visual Studio community launch in Malaysia this year. The launch is the premiere conference and exposition for Application Lifecycle Management in Malaysia.

1) Get Refreshed: Best practices, roadmaps, code samples, and more from Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals and industry experts.

2) Get Connected: Collaborative seminar and networking with Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals and industry experts.

3) Get Skills: Seminar for implementing new and important Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management functionality.

4) Get more out of your deployed Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management technology: Technical know-how you want and need for your current technology investment, or for new Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management capabilities that you want to adopt.

5) Get innovative for your company and your customers: Techniques, strategies, and tools for reducing IT and business complexity inside the organization and across your business network through Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management.

Who should attend Visual Studio Community Launch 2017 ?
• CIOs • CTOs • CEOs • Directors • Strategy Directors • IT Directors • Heads of Business Development • Product Managers • Project Managers • QA Managers • Business Analysts • Business Development Managers • VPs of Technology • Software Architects • Senior Software Developers

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